You hear the word diagnostics being used in many places, at your doctor, computer repair and of course automotive repair. What does it mean? Technicians using technology and knowledge to find problems. It could be a check engine lamp, an electrical problem or even a climate control issue.

At Highgate Motors our technicians use the latest technology to correctly diagnose and repair your vehicle the first time. We have the latest information from the manufacturers and the aftermarket. Our technicians have decades of experience and continuing education is mandatory at Highgate Motors. This ensures that your vehicle will be repaired by a technician with the latest service knowledge. We use factory level diagnostic equipment to service electronics and perform computer upgrades.

The last question is, what does all this mean to me?

When you bring your vehicle to Highgate Motors you receive an exact diagnoses of your vehicle problem, a correct repair the first time and because we have the knowledge and equipment to perform quickly and without the guess-work that other shops may offer –   a lower cost.