Choosing a Car Repair Shop

So what makes us different? Our commitment to servicing imports – the vehicles we know best – is just one area where we strive to excel.
Everyone receives flyer’s in the mail from their local repair shop, offering a special service and claiming to service all makes and models. According to Kelly Blue Book for 2015 alone there are more than 50 new or redesigned vehicles. This doesn’t include the vehicles on the road today. The factory level scan diagnostic tools just to diagnose and service the current and new vehicles would pay for a very nice house. The knowledge and training required to repair those vehicles efficiently and accurately would require more time and money than a repair facility can afford. We have committed to keeping ourselves trained and our diagnostic equipment updated for the many import brands we specialize in servicing. The reason behind this is vehicles are getting more
involved. We feel that concentrating on the vehicles we know and can afford to equip gives you faster, reasonably priced, more precise repairs. We suggest you be an informed consumer, ask for the qualifications of the technicians servicing your vehicle, and ask how often they attend classes based on those vehicles.

Any questions – just stop by…we love sharing our knowledge and helping you understand your vehicle better.

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