Did you know that Highgate Motors can service your vehicle’s maintenance needs regardless of age. Having us service your vehicle costs less and does not void your warranty.
Vehicle maintenance has changed from the old days of once a year tune-up, valve adjustments and carburetor rebuilds. Service these days is condition based, mileage based and time based. Many vehicles these days have computer managed maintenance. As you drive your car the computer takes into account how you drive, mileage driven and time, to give you a condition based service list. This can be read out from the computer memory.

There are also mileage based services such as tire rotation. These are set by a preset mileage interval usually 6000 miles. Lastly there is time based services coolant and brake fluid replacement are two of these, coolant usually 5 years and brake fluid annually. Many manufacturers add an inspection to maintenance services, this includes brake inspection and safety inspection.

At Highgate Motors we can do all the maintenance services required by the manufacturer at a significant cost reduction compared to the dealer. This will not void your warranty or cause the dealer to not do services on your vehicle. Highgate Motors also does not charge for the safety inspection or computer read out of your vehicles computer based maintenance system. Give us a call to set up an appointment.